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Booking a wash

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Where & When

Select where & when you want your vehicle cleaned.

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We match you with available Mobile Car Wash & Auto Detailing companies, based on your location, desired time and vehicle type.

Have a peace of mind

Relax and enjoy yourself while your vehicle is getting pampered. Noovvo covers your vehicle with $1 million in liability insurance and 24/7 support.


Take look around and admire your squeaky clean vehicle. Rate your wash and feel free to tip your Mobile Car Wash & Auto Detailing operator as an appreciation for the service.

Getting Booked

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Complete the application and quality check process to start receiving the closest car wash requests.

Accept wash requests

You'll get notified when someone requests or book your company instantly. Be sure to keep your calendar up to date so vehicle owners book you only when you're available.

Bring the fun

Contact and meet the vehicle owner at their desired location on the time of the wash and do what you do best.


Notify the vehicle owner of the completion and take a walk around to ensure the quality of the service.

A gallon of water
is donated for each

Mobile Car Wash & Auto Detailing companies consume on average
80% less water, come your
location and provide a more
personal and better service.

Booking a wash on Noovvo
saves and guarantess a gallon
of drinkable water to an underserved
individual in our community.

keep a clean vehicle while giving back

Save water by booking on Noovvo

Enjoy your Shiny vehicle

Donate water each time