Owning An Auto Detailing & Mobile Car Wash Business Has Never Been This Fun

SO, You Own An Auto Detailing & Mobile Car Wash Business; Clean Those Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Eh?

Your auto detailing business probably cleans cars and trucks on the daily, RVS, buses, boats and/or planes every once and a while right? (Just curious—ever tackled a train? 😊)

Does expanding your customer base, and having full control of your business, sound good? if so, hear us out…read on!

How do you receive your orders now?

How many mobile detailing jobs do you complete each day?

How do you keep track of your washers? How do you coordinate who goes where?

We at NOOVVO ask these questions because of our familiarity with the auto detailing & mobile car wash industry. We know about the businesses specific logistical issues so we decided to create a platform with dual streams.

The first stream is for YOU, the AUTO DETAILING & MOBILE CAR WASH BUSINESS OWNER: We have set up a state of the art Partner Dashboard. With this dashboard you can send wash orders that you get to your employees (who also have the NOOVVO Partner App on their phones), track their van locations in the field, and manage their schedules all on one screen. You can send invoices to customers by text or email and you’ll have access to all of your business records which will be securely stored on the partner dashboard. You can even run your own promotions from the NOOVVO Dashboard. You can do all this from your phone or from your computer online at https://noovvo.com/.

Get an auto detailing service right away

The second is targeted at the CAR WASH CONSUMER aka your customer. When they click on NOOVVO, they see a list of Las Vegas auto detailers & mobile car washers, their services, prices, reviews and availability. They choose one to come and hand wash their cars on-demand or by scheduling an appointment.

On NOOVVO, you will create your own personalized Online Storefront. This allows local customers to have access to your menu of services and book you on-demand or to schedule future detailing jobs.  

With NOOVVO, you setup your own service hours, prices and discounts. You will immediately be exposed to thousands of new customers across the Las Vegas region who can book you directly without having to call and request quotes. Simply accept washes as they pop up and let more money come in. On average, auto detailing & mobile car wash businesses see a four-times increase in wash orders after partnering with NOOVVO! Stay true to your business, let NOOVVO help you rake in the business you deserve!

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve had the questions. We’ve got the answers. Visit us today at https://noovvo.com/ and Sign up. Talk with you soon, partner!

If you have any questions or would like a one on one consultation please call this number (888) 713-7560 or send an email to dbecerra@noovvo.com and we will be happy to walk you through our process and answer any questions on what Noovvo can do for you and your business.

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