NOOVVO: Getting Your Car Washed Has Never Been Easier

Getting Your Car Washed Has Never Been Easier.

“Let me tell you a story…”

Youssef Kone, the founder, and CEO of the Las Vegas-based startup, NOOVVO, begins to tell us how and where this innovative idea has stemmed from and what exactly it is which offers a user-friendly Marketplace that connects carwash consumers with the area’s mobile car wash companies.

“NOOVVO bubbled up from inside of me due to my own experiences after moving to Las Vegas as a young, ambitious 21-year-old”, says Kone. “My first job in Vegas was washing cars at a local car wash. I was in a new country still learning the language and starting from the bottom to make a name for myself. As the laborious days went by, I observed the surroundings of my workplace. I saw the stress on the brow of management as they hurried us along to get to as many cars as possible cause hey, more cars equals more money, and this is a business right? It made me uncomfortable giving back the keys to someone’s car when I knew the wash was done in a hurry and corners were cut. I also noticed the frustration of the customers who had to wait an hour or more to get their cars back.”

“I worked hard and saved all of my money to start my own small company buying cars at auctions and reselling them. This was much more lucrative than washing them! And I probably could have just stuck with this, but the story continues…

Driving the cars back from the auctions would leave them less than desirable to sell so I now was in the market to find a loyal mobile detailer to meet me on the go to have the merchandise sparkling. I searched Google, Facebook, used Yelp reviews to find a mobile car wash company to work with. I called their offices, who would only text their detailer for an update only to hear ‘they’re booked, sorry.’

Kone says the use of mobile detailers is on the rise—“everyone loves the convenience. It’s a service that more and more people are drifting towards.” Soon, NOOVVO was born.

So, what IS NOOVVO you may ask? Well, here is how Youssef describes his business. “I wanted to take an average everyday chore and make it easier. NOOVVO offers a user-friendly Marketplace that connects carwash consumers with the area’s mobile car wash companies.” To sum it up, NOOVVO is a mobile app for smartphones AND an online website where you can log on for free and book a mobile detailing car wash on-demand, or scheduled for the future. You’ll be prompted to choose what type of vehicle you’ll be washing, where you are or will be located, what type of car wash you desire along with any single service upgrades you prefer. Next, you will be able to choose a detailer based off of their reviews, photos, and ratings. The detailer will meet you at the entered location and time and start their job while you don’t have to stop yours!

NOOVVO isn’t just about making our lives more convenient though…our water levels are hugely impacted by commercial car washes. Cleaning America’s 270 million registered vehicles at a storefront car wash uses about 50 gallons of water on average per wash, which adds up to 217 BILLION gallons of water per year. “Mobile car washes use only 7 gallons on average per wash, huge difference” emphasizes Kone.

Kone has a keen awareness of what can happen when a city nearly runs out of the water. He was born and raised in Ivory Coast. Keeping tabs on his home country, he learned that in early 2018 Cape Town, South Africa, was within months of shutting off the city water system due to drought. Cape Town was saved from doing so by enforcing the public to cut their water usage in half, and luckily a season of good rain!

Hoover Dam

“We must not forget that Lake Mead provides water to 20 million people total in Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado; we must not forget the farmlands spread across these three states either. In August of 2017, Lake Mead was at 40% of capacity due to drought and increased demand for water” Kone informs with a look of severity. “These low water levels have prompted municipalities all over the region to enact water shortage regulations. The mobile car wash industry is one of the direct solutions to this serious problem.” Kone and his team have customized a mobile car cleaning system that only uses one gallon of water (as steam) per car wash which will be offered to partnered companies in the near future. “This is where we hope to make a huge difference. From 50 gallons a car wash to 1 gallon is a mighty drop in water usage and can help us save billions of gallons of water.”

So we have the back story…How was NOOVVO formed? How did the idea come to be?

Kone knew from his experience selling cars that connecting with mobile detailers was difficult. A quick google search led him to find out that many of them had gone out of business because they too had a hard time finding and coordinating with customers.

A light bulb went off!

Youssef thought to himself…“How can I make the communication between detailer and customer easier?…I’m pretty tech-savvy, couldn’t an APP help solve these problems?” From there it was history.

Youssef formed a small team and they went to work. Research, brainstorm sessions, and a lot of good and bad ideas…a solid plan had come to life. “Consumers can see many mobile car wash companies at once, with prices, availability a, d reviews. Then choose one who met their specific needs. People should be able to have their vehicle detailed while they are at work or getting a haircut, and people should be able to book 24/7… Absolutely.

Noovvo App & Website

So here we have it! NOOVVO is up and running. Go to or download the free NOOVVO app from the Android and Apple store. Book your wash anytime, anywhere, any way you want it 24/7.

Before we departed, Kone had one more short story for us to part with, and let me tell ya, it gets you thinking. “I met a homeless man a few years back on a visit to LA. His name was Michael Lee, and he changed my life forever,” says Kone. “As we sat inside starbucks with a couple of hot coffee’s Michael asked me three questions. ‘Who are you? Where are you from? And where are you going?’ My answers humbled me, and when I asked him the same, I learned that one of his main concerns every single day was gaining access to clean water. Water is something we take for granted when in actuality, we should cherish every sip.”

Kone continues “when I think about it, I feel like everything that has happened to me has led to this moment. Of course, I want to be successful in business, but life is about more than just business. There’s our planet and drought and saving water and there are human beings who don’t have access to water. My team and I are looking into other ways to help, but for now, we’ve implemented a system to give one gallon of CLEAN bottled water to the homeless in Las Vegas for every car wash booked through the NOOVVO platform. It is our way of remembering Michael Lee and all those like him who hope to one day have a home again.”

And there you have it. If you’re interested in supporting this business and this cause, book your first wash here!

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