Owning An Auto Detailing & Mobile Car Wash Business Has Never Been This Fun

Mobile Detailing - Noovvo

SO, You Own An Auto Detailing & Mobile Car Wash Business; Clean Those Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Eh? Your auto detailing business probably cleans cars and trucks on the daily, RVS, buses, boats and/or planes every once and a while right? (Just curious—ever tackled a train? 😊) Does expanding your customer base, and having full control of your business, sound good? if so, hear us out…read on! How do you receive your orders now? How many mobile detailing jobs do

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NOOVVO: Getting Your Car Washed Has Never Been Easier

Getting Your Car Washed Has Never Been Easier. “Let me tell you a story…” Youssef Kone, the founder, and CEO of the Las Vegas-based startup, NOOVVO, begins to tell us how and where this innovative idea has stemmed from and what exactly it is which offers a user-friendly Marketplace that connects carwash consumers with the area’s mobile car wash companies. “NOOVVO bubbled up from inside of me due to my own experiences after moving to Las Vegas as a young,

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